“Leading the Way Home”

A Public Television Series Featuring Ted Forthofer of Moves Made Easier

Keep It Out of the Landfill

Consider donating household items you no longer need rather than throwing them into the trash. Pass It On is a handy guide to over 140 Cleveland area organizations who can use everything from cleaning supplies, to paint, to golf clubs.

Conducting a Sale

If you are thinking about selling household goods you no longer need, this article is worth reading. Bottom line, your belongings are worth what someone is willing to pay for them. The law of supply and demand is driving the broader resale market. However, the economy is bringing out more bargain shoppers than ever.

Northeast Ohio Resources

Finding Northeast Ohio care options and knowing what to ask has never been easier thanks to the Senior Comfort GuideThis research source is available online or in print from hospital discharge planners, case managers, and social workers throughout the area.

Aging Education and Advice

The Northeast Ohio Care Planning Council is a not-for-profit alliance of experts in senior services meant to educate the public. To learn more, click here.


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